Our faculty's international relations

The historical sciences provide a wealth of knowledge about cultural, economic and social developments as well as about social structures. In doing so, they also create important foundations for decisions about current problems and challenges. Your work will be easier if existing data is more readily available. They become more meaningful if they work together across disciplines. Their impact will be greater if their practical relevance and their international role are strengthened.

The faculty maintains close bilateral cooperation in science and education, e.g. with the Kyushu University in Japan.

Student exchange with the Kyushu University

Student exchange with the Kyushu University
The Faculty of Humanities at Kyushu University consists of 21 "sections", which in turn comprise several chairs.

Historical research is carried out by the following sections: Section for Japanese History (Chairs for Ancient History / Japanese Early Middle Ages, Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern Times), Sections for Philosophy and Philosophy History, Indian History and Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy History, Art Sciences and Art History, East Asian history (especially China), Korean history, Western history (chairs for the history of the Middle Ages in Western Europe with a focus on the history of France, early modern times in Western Europe with a focus on German history and another for contemporary history of Western Europe) and for the history of Islamic civilizations .

Every year in January, two study places are advertised for the winter semester. As a rule, the possible length of stay is 12 months, but shorter stays for six months are also possible in principle.

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Double degrees in Bochum and Tours in B.A. and M.A.

Since 1967, the former Université Orléans Tours, which has had an independent status as Université François Rabelais Tours since 1971, has been RUB's partner university. At the heart of the cooperation are the double degrees that have existed since 1997. In Romance Philology / French as well as in History, students can complete a double Bachelor's degree without extending their studies.

The integrated history course of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the Université François Rabelais Tours offers students the opportunity to broaden their cultural and intellectual horizons and, thanks to its intercultural perspective, prepares graduates for the requirements of an international job market, which increasingly requires intercultural skills and one international perspective requires. The course plan stipulates that the students study at their home university for 2 semesters and switch to the host university for the 3rd and 4th semesters. All students spend the 5th semester together in Tours and the 6th in Bochum. For the master phase it is planned that the students spend the first semester together in Tours and the second together in Bochum. Then they study the third semester at the partner university and the fourth semester at the home university. The language of instruction in Tours is French in both the Bachelor and Master phases.

The history program is funded by the German-French University (DFH).

Contact: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lubich and Dr. Jens Lieven (Historical Institute)

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MATILDA. European Master in Women's and Gender History

MATILDA was established as part of the Erasmus program with funding from the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, and is aimed at students who want to develop expertise in the history of women and gender and European history. The program offers the opportunity to study with leading scientists in gender history and to experience the advantages of a lively, stimulating international university environment.

The MATILDA curriculum at the RUB includes courses in core subjects in the history of women and gender (theory, methodology and practice) as well as thematic subjects for the early modern period and the 19th and 20th centuries.

Contact: Sandra Maß
Information on application and admission
Partner institutions: Université Lumiére de Lyon (coordinating university), Universität Wien, Sofia University St Kliment Ohridsky, Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Universität Padua

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International Office

The International Office (IO) coordinates the university's international relations and is the contact for all questions relating to the international nature of teaching, research and administration.

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A binational PhD

As part of a binational doctoral procedure (also called the cotutelle procedure), you will acquire a joint doctoral degree based on your research work at two universities from different countries.

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